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For our R&D efforts, we have been awarded - Hot 100 innovations of 2017,Mumbai., Villgro cashaward 2016., Best innovation by Govt. of A.P. XLR8, Thirupathi 2017.,

We have committed resources to accountability, collecting valuable information on all of the services we provide. Our partnership with international health organizations helps us to respond quickly and decisively to emerging health threats.


Accreditations and Certifications : 

  • All S.L.S Cell Cure Technologies Pvt. Ltd's Molecular Diagnostics laboratories are established meet the accreditation requirements of NABL ISO-15189 requirements.

  • Cell Therapies facilities will be designed, commissioned and qualified to meet the International requirements of Foundation for the Acredtation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) and to comply with the USFDA's cGTP's(21CFR 1271). The facilities will also be in compliance with all the other Indian State and Federal  regulatory and Licencing requirements.


Quality System :

·         At S.L.S, we have established a Risk based, Quality Systems Approach that ensures GLP/GMP/GTP compliance in critical areas including: - Materials, Equipments and facilities controls; Deviation, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) systems; Change and Documentation Controls; Audition (Internal and External quality audits); Training systems;


Critical Success Factors:

  • Maintain a very high level of quality when we provide a service as we are customer oriented. ACtually, our aim is to convert every customer's first visit to trigger more visits for different services;

  • Maintain our image of innovator within India and Asian Markets. In fact the first mover advantage competitors will come up lately; we must then keep our advantages competing on factors such as preventive medicine, personalized treatments and the use of ICT.

  • Hire, recognize scientific staff and physicians who already proved their competencies; clients must have a complete trustworthiness upon our results and analysis and opinions.

  • Master our business processes along with exploiting ICT technologies since they form the interface with our customers.